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mobile glass trucks and mobile marketing



Mobile Glass Trucks offer a storefront like experience for pop up stores and experiential marketing campaigns. Consumers can window shop, see inside and obviously come onboard similar to a traditional main street store, but with added benefit of these ‘stores on wheels’ being able to be anywhere anytime. The exterior of the truck can be custom wrapped with brand messaging. Our in-house design team will transform the space into a showroom, retail store or experiential activation. Whether your brand needs to promote a new product or service or really just focused on sales, a mobile glass truck is an excellent option. 

A multi-city mobile marketing tour can help brands significantly increase market share. and foster stronger connections with their customers. You should plan a strategic travel itinerary to target markets where loyal customers live, work and play, or areas where the brand is looking to expand, or some combination of both. Often mobile marketing tours plan to stop in cities with plenty of pedestrian foot traffic, such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Many brands also use mobile marketing tours as an opportunity to engage customers and explore testing opportunities in second tier markets. Experiential mobile tours also allows brands to work with their retail partners across the country and reap even more benefits from those partnerships.
But regardless of the location, the overall goal remains the same: reach the target demographic. No matter the vehicle a great mobile marketing tour always has one thing in common: the goal to bring a distinctive brand experience right to where their target consumers work, play and shop.


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