The Pop Up Shop Agency can seamlessly guide you through the process whether you want to have your brand ambassadors hand out some cupcakes on a certain street corner in Miami or hold a tennis match in the middle of Times Square. The following is a summary of the most common types of pop up activations as well as some services we do.


Steel Crate Pop Up Shop

Have crate will travel. You can have a custom made crate made that can pop up anywhere. Easy to pack and unveil, a steel crate pop up shop makes the logistics of shipping a breeze and allows you the freedom to choose when and where you want to pop up whether it is in the middle of a festival or on the street.

Sampling Pop Ups

A pop up can be as simple as a group of brand ambassadors handing out product samples and information to consumers on a busy thoroughfare. Relatively inexpensive, sampling pop ups are surprisingly effective in driving traffic to nearby retail locations or websites, especially when combined with a promotional incentive for the consumer.

Mobile Marketing & Pop Up Tours

Taking your brand on the road with mobile marketing and pop up mobile tours is an exciting and effective way to spread word about your brand.

Experiential Retail Pop Up Shops

This is the 'classic' definition of a pop up shop. The brand takes over an empty storefront location and creates a temporary retail store for their brand. Ideally an experiential retail element is incorporated to further engage the consumer with the brand.

Pop Up Shop Tents

Why take over a traditional storefront when you can 'pop up' anywhere you want with a pop up tent? this kind of pop up frees you from the restrictions of a traditional landlord and opens up a world of location possibilities to reach your audience.

Kiosk Pop Up Shop

Often in the middle of a busy shopping mall, kiosk pop ups take advantage of the high foot traffic and exposure of the mall. These kiosk pop ups are often less costly than a storefront activation which also increases their popularity.

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​Real Estate Procurement/Location Consulting

Let our real estate pop up experts find the perfect storefront for your next product launch. We understand all the elements that go into securing a great location from insurance to permits.


Let The Pop Up Shop Agency be your one-stop shop resource for securing permits at both indoor and outdoor venues across the country.  Our permitting team knows who to call and how to deal with municipalities and how to cut through the red tape of obtaining permits for pop up events. ​

Guerilla Marketing

The Pop Up Shop Agency offers a full array of guerrilla marketing services such as projection media, 3D projections, street graphics, mobile billboards, wild postings and street teams. We define guerilla marketing as all non- permitted experiential pop up marketing efforts.

Integrated Marketing

The integrated marketing tools have never been more important to brand marketers. The Pop Up Shop Agency has spent years learning how to converge these disciplines and make event engagement last longer, allow brands to measure a pop up activation's performance, increase reach and most importantly drive sales.

Brand Strategy

You don't want to spend money on pop up shops that don't work and brand strategy is an essential component to preventing such mistakes. We love to collaborate with clients to ensure that the experiential marketing message aligns perfectly with all the brand strategy objectives.

Idea Generation

In the end it all comes down to the idea behind the pop up event. We love to strategize and help brands brainstorm exciting new possibilities in experiential pop up marketing.

Event Management

Pop up events come with a lot of moving parts. At The Pop Up Shop Agency we feel that superior event management is essential for every pop up activation. Our goal in event management is to ensure every pop up event feels like a seamless turnkey experience for our clients.

Social Media & Digital Integration

Digital Integration into pop up events is integral to success. Incorporating social media and using all the available digital technology can allow brands to see their return on engagement quickly and spread word of the pop up very quickly to get the all-important "buzz."

Brand Ambassador Staffing

At The Pop Up Shop Agency we are experts at staffing street teams for pop ups as well as choosing the right brand ambassadors for your pop up shop. Each brand has a specific image and energy to convey and we make sure the brand ambassadors are just right.

Custom Fabrication & Event Props

Who doesn't love a giant vending machine distributing limited edition t-shirts? Whatever the creative idea The Pop Up Shop Agency will flawlessly execute the custom fabrication of your prop and ensure everything runs smoothly from the creation to the dismantle and shipping of your event prop. Custom fabrication of event props creates a high impact experience and you want to make sure it goes seamlessly. 

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