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The 5 Secrets of Great Pop Up Shops

1. Location, Location, Location One of the most important factors in guaranteeing your pop up shop’s success is its location. Don’t be lured by a cheap price in an “up and coming” neighborhood. Bottom line is you can’t have a pop up in a C-list location – if you can’t do it in an A-list location don’t do a pop up shop. In addition if you are renting a building make sure you have any necessary permits for that location and make sure the building is approved for that type of commercial use. 2. Don’t Count on Foot Traffic A great location will get you great foot traffic but if you count on that to get the word out about your pop up shop that is a big mistake. A pop up doesn’t have the time to wait for people to get curious and wander by – you are there for a limited time period with your pop up and you need to get traffic fast. Have a plan, whether it is leveraging social media or using PR and brand influencers. 3. It’s Not All About The Money A pop up is not just about ringing up register sales. In fact we could argue that is one of the least compelling reasons to do a pop up shop. Pop ups are more about creating a unique branding experience, getting real time feedback on your brand and activating a passionate audience of brand influencers. 4. What’s The Angle? So what will draw people to your pop up? You don’t have the luxury of time to catch consumer’s attention so you need to bring them in fast. Some pop ups use freebies to lure in foot traffic, contests or special events. A great idea is to involve local brands that are complementary to participate in the pop up shop. 5. Keep It Legal Even if you are just operating for a few hours, you should still ensure you have the right permits and insurance, such as public liability insurance. However, this depends on the type of business you are planning on operating and the premises. You should check with your insurance broker as to what is the best insurance for your type of business. Be mindful of other permits that may be necessary such as If you intend to serve or sell alcohol, you will need a liquor license. If your pop-up business is a food business, you will need to abide by the local food safety requirements. You invest a lot in putting together a pop up and the last thing you want is having your pop up shut down early because of a preventable legal glitch. The Pop Up Shop Agency is a one stop solution for almost everything and anything that pops– activations and brand experiences that are short-term. We help build brands and create memorable experiences. Pop up shops, pop up tours, pop up events, pop up activations, food trucks, pop up restaurants and everything else in between. We have over 20 years experience in creating turnkey pop up shop experiences nationwide. Whether you need help coming up with your next pop up shop idea or simply want someone to help take over the operations and management, our pop up shop experts are ready to help. Click here to get a Free Pop Up Shop Quote today.

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Phillip Provost is a senior media executive who has worked  in experiential and pop up shop event marketing for years. Phil is currently President of The Pop Up Shop Agency.

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