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The 3 Most Common Pop Up Shop Permit Mistakes

So will your pop up need a permit? Depending what city it takes place in and what the pop up entails the answer varies. Every city and municipality has its own rules and regulations but we can tell you the 3 most common pitfalls to avoid. The last thing you need is a pop up getting closed down before it even gets started. 1. You don’t match the permitted use of the space So you have found the perfect indoor venue for your pop up shop. It has all the right light, it’s in the perfect location and it is a stylish and clean space that was previously used as an art gallery. Perfect for your ice cream pop up shop correct? Not so fast. Unless it is a commercial space that has been certified for use to serve food you will need to do some additional work. Always ensure the concept going in matches the certified use of the space. Ask yourself how closely the pop up aligns with the existing permit. For example, an office space being used for a pop up retail shop will still require a change of use permit. Some jurisdictions allow for temporary change of use permits and temporary certificates of occupancy, however you should know this going into the agreement. 2. You ignored the open violations Check for open code enforcement violations on the property the same way you would for a traditional space. You could get slapped with more fines if you don't resolve violations or close them out. Often if you see open code violations on a property it is easier to move on and find a new venue. 3. You draw big crowds but didn’t plan for it Most cities are very sensitive to increased pedestrian volume, automobile traffic, parking, and hours of operations. Check that the city isn't going to require a fee for what is called “intensification”. If you don't you may find yourself at a city council meeting for a 3-month concept! Excessive light and noise plays a factor with “intensification” and ordinances for those elements may need to be obtained as well. This was a guest post by our friends at Event Permit Experts. With over 20 years working with municipalities and private venues in markets across the country, Event Permit Experts has the experience, Every experiential activation has unique needs whether it is securing outdoor space for a large prop installation or simply getting the right event permits necessary for your pop up shop.

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Phillip Provost is a senior media executive who has worked  in experiential and pop up shop event marketing for years. Phil is currently President of The Pop Up Shop Agency.

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