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The 6 Best Ways to Market a Pop Up Shop

“Build it and they will come. “ Definitely not the way to market a pop up shop in 2017! You put all this time and effort into creating a masterpiece that will only exist for a finite period- make the most of every moment the pop up is open to the public. You can generate excitement before the pop up even opens and start an ongoing conversation with consumers that should continue even after the pop up shop is gone. Make Your Pop Up “Sticky” and Memorable 1. How about having a launch party for the pop up? 2. Create a memorable giveaway or party favor. Of course nothing is free and don’t give them anything without getting something back like a ‘Like’ or a “Tweet” 3. Look into partnering with local designers and brands who fit with your brand’s lifestyle and aesthetic. They will have their own audiences who can now engage with your brand, the more the merrier. Take Social Media to the Max Social media is always an amazing way to start to engage with your audience about the pop up. You can build up buzz before the event even begins- tease the message and create anticipation. 1. Create a Hashtag – Your pop up will be so special it deserves its own hashtag. This way you can easily track how your pop up is doing on social media. Make sure it is short and snappy. #popuprocks 2. Graphic Banners – your social media graphic banners should be consistent with your regular brand identity and it should have all the pop up details on it such as date, time etc. Once you design the banner look it can be used everywhere. 3. Create an Event Page - You can do this on Facebook and invite your followers to join the page. 4. People Love Prizes! Launch a contest or flash sale that is only accessible on social media site like Instagram. At the same time you can also post deals or promotions that will only be available to get if you go in person to the actual pop up shop. 5.Engage with your social media ‘posters’ throughout the pop up activation­–make comments, give “Likes” and continue the conversation. 6. Partner Up With Influencers and Bloggers: Workshops, product collaborations, events…for example you can let a influencer ‘take over’ your social media account or website during a launch party for the pop up shop. 7. Don’t forget to create a digital content marketing calendar – Tools like Hootsuite and Buffer can be great for helping schedule posts- so you have time to focus on the rest of the pop up shop event. Use The Home Advantage 1. Don’t forget to use your brand’s own website to get the word out. 2. Your email list- use it! 3. Some handy list building tools to use: Klout, Kred, Followerwonk, Sprout Social Go Local Post flyers in local neighborhood where your pop up shop will appear- sometimes simple old fashioned ways to get the word out are the most effective. Make Your Pop Up Shop Press Worthy Can you tie your pop up to a charity? What is different about your pop up? Think about the time of year-is it around a holiday? Maybe use that as part of the theme? Don’t Forget to Stay in Touch What was the point of having a fantastic pop up if you don’t retain the customers and follow up? Collect contact info and stay in touch long after the pop up shop closes its doors. You are cultivating brand evangelists and it takes more than a single event to keep them motivated to spread word about your brand.

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Phillip Provost is a senior media executive who has worked  in experiential and pop up shop event marketing for years. Phil is currently President of The Pop Up Shop Agency.

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